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"Ryan Middagh brings the entire package to the table at Vanderbilt University. He is a brilliant, and visionary educator as well as a wonderful saxophonist and improvisor. His composing and arranging skills are off the charts (pun intended) and I'm grateful to call him not just a great friend but also my boss!"

Jeff Coffin

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Photo of the cover art for the Colorado Brew CD

Colorado Brew


Colorado Brew (feat. Jeff Coffin & Tom Giampietro)

Don't Push Chart Thumbnail

Don’t Push

Written in dedication to jazz educator, Dr. Robert Washut in honor of his retirement. This is a soulful piano and baritone saxophone feature with a big shout section.

Eulogy Chart Thumbnail


Medium tempo straight 8th tune that features baritone saxophone and flugelhorn soloists.

Indra Kunindra Chart Thumbnail

Indra Kunindra

Commissioned by the University of Northern Iowa, Indra Kunindra is an approachable multi-sectional mixed-meter piece scored for eight brass and the option for additional percussion.

Just a Closer Walk With Thee Chart Thumbnail

Just a Closer Walk With Thee

A spirited shuffle vocal arrangement on this traditional song. Each wind section has a soli, and there is an open solo section over blues to feature who ever you would like.

Lips of Faith Chart Thumbnail

Lips of Faith

Lips of Faith Big Band – Originally composed for jazz octet for Ryan Middagh’s album Colorado Brew. This is a soulful and slow baritone saxophone feature that audiences love.

Marina Arena Chart Thumbnail

Marina Arena

An original composition by Ryan with lyrics by Shirley Hilton. This vocal Latin Bolero has shades of Stan Kenton and features an extended trumpet solo.

Renovation Chart Thumbnail


(9 Brass) Renovation is a ruckus 7/4 rock piece with a contrasting 3/4 section. This piece features soprano saxophone and trumpet soloists in a modal context.

Sorry Not Sorry Chart Thumbnail

Sorry Not Sorry

This is a funky multi-sectional epic, that predominantly features trumpet and keyboard. The band will love playing this one, especially the half-time shuffle section.

Soul Bagel Chart Thumbnail

Soul Bagel

A soulful trombone feature originally written for Joel “the Soul Bagel” Nagel.  This chart is easy to put together and satisfying to listen to and play.

Sweet Magnolias Chart Thumbnail

Sweet Magnolias

A soulful slow swing arranged for Grammy-Award Winning Saxophonist Jeff Coffin, Sweet Magnolias features a solo tenor saxophone and an open solo section to feature anyone in the band.

The Commissioner Chart Thumbnail

The Commissioner

A bluesy trombone feature originally written by Ryan and Jeff Coffin to feature their friend Wycliffe Gordon. A fun shuffle, this chart provides a fun vehicle to pass some solos around the ensemble and features a challenging sax soli.